About Us


Nereid SA is a Swiss company involved in innovative technologies for the production of seawater desalination and water treatment systems. Through its development efforts, Nereid constantly strives to perfect its eco-friendly solution to address the ongoing global water resource challenges in order to provide a sustainable desalination solution for the 21st century.


  • Reliable source of fresh water supply
  • Reducing groundwater overdraft
  • Minimize impact on environment
  • Drought relief
  • Humanitarian aid projects

Meet the team

At Nereid we all share a common vision: provide clean water while preserving the environment 

Huy Ton That

Huy Ton That

CEO, Founder


Founded Nereid SA in 2010, after inventing and patenting the Nereid Desalination System which comprises the zero-discharge distillation concept. Led the design, and implementation team. Active in the financial industry with strong experience in distressed fund recovery.

François Frigola

François Frigola

Chairman, Co-founder


Architect and Real Estate promoter , born in Modena and founder of several aerospace and automotive companies especially in F1, advisor of several F1 Teams and drivers. Since the year 2000 , he has been investing in several companies specialized in new technologies mainly focused on the environment and green tech.

Luca Fazzone

Luca Fazzone

Chief Technical Officer


MSc in Integrated Innovation and HES Engineer in Microengineering. Trained in mechanics and electronics engineering. He develops the technical aspects of Nereid systems. He also founded a company in the field of recycling and worked on various R&D projects ranging from space to electric mobility.

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