Nereid joins the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley (SFNV)

We are thrilled to announce that Nereid has officially become a proud member of the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley (SFNV), a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to fostering innovation in the realm of food, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.

This strategic partnership opens up new avenues for the development of our Climate-Smart Agriculture application, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionize how we approach farming practices in harmony with the environment.

Our Climate-Smart Agriculture initiative tailored for the agricultural sector comprises more than just ensuring a consistent freshwater supply through desalination. It also involves the on-site generation of biofertilizers, aiming to alleviate pressure on land use and replace environmentally harmful and costly chemical fertilizers.

As we embark on this exciting journey with the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley, we look forward to leveraging their expertise, resources, and network to propel our Climate-Smart Agriculture application to new heights. Together, we aim to contribute to the global movement for sustainable and resilient agricultural practices that combat climate change.