Discover our first units

Our partnership with Almay Technologies led us to the production of a first pre-industrial series of 4 containerized units, with a capacity of 5m³/day each.
During the planification and conception of a larger unit (100m³/day), this first series will be used for pilot projects and applications for industries requiring small wastewater volumes treatment.

Nereid CrystalGen pilot plant can produce unlimited fresh water from seawater and unlimited renewable energy like the sun or waste heat

CrystalGen's highlights


Our basic and replicable model fits all countries and locations, is scalable and versatile to treat most types of effluents

Decentralized unit

Our containerized solution is mobile for plug-and-play applications and suitable for all types of locations and users


Easily operable with a built-in automation system, it also requires low maintenance hence no skilled workforce monitoring

CrystalGen 5 technical specifications

Treatment capacity: 5 m³/day
Pure water production: 1 700 m³/year
NaCl production: 0,2 ton/day
Dimensions: 4,0 x 1,5 x 2,5 meters
Physical footprint: 6 m²
Operating temperature range: 50 to 90 °C
Required heat source temperature: 55 to 120°C