Inspired by nature


The Nereid distillation technology replicates the natural water cycle: evaporation at ambient pressure and low temperature followed by condensation.

The unique process design dramatically reduces the footprint of the system, which allows for the first time affordable solar-powered seawater desalination at industrial scale.

Crystallization of salts can be recovered as a by-product, sellable at commercial value. The system does not release concentrated brine, allowing the maintenance of the eco-balance.

All in one Filtration + evaporation + crystallization technology

A conventional approach of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) process uses a combination of reverse osmosis filtration, followed by thermal evaporation, followed by thermal crystallization. There are significant differences in the cost of these technologies. The Nereid system combines the functions of water filtration, evaporation and crystallization in one single process, hence dramatically reducing the complexity and cost of the ZLD process.

Industries and applications


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